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We work to expand and develop the voucher market and to drive a larger share of that market to our partners through selection, ease of purchase, the development of non-standard channels, and excellent service.

Our partners benefit from large volumes of incremental sales generated by our sales channels, which offer consumers and corporate clients the most convenient methods of purchasing our vouchers.

We offer our Partners a service that includes very high levels of fund security while requiring very little administration. Because it accepts Visa and MasterCard, no system changes are required to accept our Vouchers.

Partner Benefits

The primary advantages of becoming a Partner are as follows:

  • New Customers for Your Company – Every year, your company will benefit from millions of dollars in additional voucher sales. We are all aware of the importance of new customers, and being a part of the Voucher King scheme is a great way to attract new customers to your store. Accepting Voucher King Vouchers will only increase your customer base. Your company will have access to our Corporate client portfolio.
  • Increase in Sales – According to research, when a voucher is used to pay for a service, sales increase by 40% on average. The Voucher King Directory lists every Voucher King Partner.

Become a Partner

Email our Support Team at support@voucher-king.com 

Marketing Opportunities

With our in-house marketing team, we can collaborate with your marketing department or agencies on everything from point-of-sale materials to communication materials tailored to your company’s needs.

In addition to inclusion on advertising online activity and presence in the Voucher King Directory, we work with Partners on a wide range of joint opportunities.

Simply contact our Support Team at support@voucher-king.com and we will be happy to discuss what we can do together.

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